BIPEE 4x4'' Lab Jack Lifting Scissor Stand Platform, Stainless Steel

  • Constructed from 201 Stainless Steel
  • Easy Turn Black Knob
  • Dimensions: 4 inches x 4 inches (10x10cm)
  • Overall Height: 7.1 inches (18cm)
  • Fully Lowered: 3 inches

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No. 1

SEOH Lens Glass Double Convex 50mm x 5cm Focal Length

  • Double Convex
No. 2

Rolyan Neoprene Strapping Material, 1/8 x 1-1/2"x 3-1/2 yd, Splinting & Casting Accessory, Comfortable Splint Strap, Elastic Padded Strap for Lining and Securing Splints, Soft Straps Contour The Body

    No. 3

    2" ALUMINUM 6061 ROUND ROD SOLID BAR 12" long +.07"/-0 NEW Lathe Stock

    • Easy to machine or weld aluminum rod for milling or lathe work in a variety of applications and industries
    • All aluminum rods are sourced from 100% domestic products and mill certifications are available upon request
    • 6061 commercial grade aluminum stock is known for its exceptional toughness and high strength-to-weight ratios
    • General purpose aluminum round bar for prototyping or production runs including machining and finish coatings such as anodizing
    • Aluminum bar stock is an exceptional building and project material that will not rust and will last for years to come
    No. 4

    Ascher E12 LED Classic Candelabra Clear Light Bulb, 4W, Equivalent 40W, Warm White 2700K, Filament Clear Glass, Non dimmable/Pack of 5

      No. 5

      80PCS 6 inch Sanding Discs Hook and Loop, V?ZAAR Sander Disc 60 80 120 180 240 800 1000 3000 Grit Assortments Headlight Restorations Sandpaper Backing Pad

        No. 6

        Sheet Lead - 1/16 inch x 24 inches x 48 inches

          No. 7

          Assured Automation WM-PC Series Plastic Water Meter 1" with Pulse Output

          • Dry Top Multi-jet Design simple, accurate, wide flow range, tolerates low quality water
          • Hinged Lens Cover protects display and register
          • Union End Couplings for easy service
          • Corrosion Resistant All parts in contact with water are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials
          • Extra filter at the inlet of the meter body permits cleaning without having to open the meter
          No. 8

          Beduan Stainless Steel Reducer Hex Bushing, 3/4" Male NPT to 1/2" Female NPT, Reducing Cast Pipe Adapter Fitting

          • This reducer hex bushing for connecting pipes or fittings with different end types, diameters, or materials.
          • NPT thread for creating tighter seals than straight threads.
          • Made of 304 stainless steel, strength and resistance to corrosion.
          • Temperature range from -30 to +150 degrees F.
          • Maximum working pressure of 150 psi.
          No. 9

          Johnson Level & Tool 1405-0900 9" Project Magnetic Aluminum Extruded Aluminum Frame with High Impact plastic Covers,

            No. 10

            Nice 'n Clean Baby Wipes, Unscented, 12 Packs of 80

              No. 11

              BAOSHISHAN Spring Push Pull Force Gauge Tension Gauge (G) (TK-1000G=1KG)

              • Dividing value: 25G; Length: 240mm; Range: 1000G
              • Measures tensile (pull) or compression (push) forces
              • Analog gauge shows measurements in grams (g)
              • Measures present force with a measurement accuracy of + or - 1 graduation
              No. 12

              Prime-Line Products D 1563 Sliding Door Roller Assembly with 1-1/2-Inch Steel Ball Bearing

              • 1-1/2in. Steel ball bearing roller
              • Used by Air Control, Howmet, Krestmark, and many other glass door manufacturers
              • Housing dimensions: L: 2-5/8in. H: 1-3/8in. W: 3/4in.
              • Adjustable steel housing assembly
              No. 13

              Conveyor Rails | Flow Rail 5? Long Skate Wheel Conveyor | T2 Flow Rack System

              • Heavy Duty powder coated steel construction - 223 pounds per foot load rating
              • Made in the USA by Ultimation Industries, LLC
              • Quickly create your own flow rack system for cartons, pallets and totes
              • Cut to length and mount where needed to enable pallets and other items to flow smoothly
              • Available in various sizes and styles
              No. 14

              eSUN 1.75mm PLA PRO (PLA+) 3D Printer Filament Refill Pack (4 Rolls), Black, Cool White, Blue, Fire Engine Red, 1KG Each roll, Refill Pack for eSUN spools only

              • 1KG x4 Colors Filament Refill
              • eSUN PLA PRO 3D Printer Filament Refills Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant.
              • 1.75mm Filament Diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm)
              • Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature 210C - 225C
              No. 15

              H&P Notebook (Large Print) - Medical History and Physical Notebook, 50 Medical templates with Perforations

              • 50 complete H&P templates - Designed for medical students, by medical students. Optimized to have all the fields that you need and nothing else.
              • Larger print and writing surface than the original. Each template includes 2 sheets (4 pages total) that can be removed via perforations (See product images for an example)
              • Quality Materials - Durable plastic cover, perforated pages and premium non-spiral wire bound
              • Compact - Notebook measures 8.5u201d x 5.5u201d and will conveniently fit in the pockets of any white coat or scrubs
              • SAVE when you Buy in Bulk - Need more than one? Save money when you buy the 2 or 3 pack.
              No. 16

              Brush Research 1 3/8" (35mm) Flex-Hone Cylinder Hone Tool 120 Grit (Silicon Carbide)

                No. 17

                Dixon PL400 Aluminum Air Fitting, In-Line Lubricator, 3/4" NPT, 70 SCFM, 200 PSI, 3.7 ozs Oil Capacity

                • Transparent sight disc allows visual inspection of oil level
                • Installation is recommended within 25 feet of the tool to be lubricated
                • Each time an air tool is operated, a fine mist of oil is injected into it along with the air from the compressor
                • Designed to protect portable or stationary air tools by efficiently oiling the tool mechanisms
                • Oil flow regulated by screwdriver screw adjustment
                No. 18

                Berger grass shear 2510 with anti-stick coated blade hand grass shear with rigid blade

                • Full metal grass shears in premium quality for the perfect cutting of lawn edges
                • Anti-stick coated blade for effortless cutting, even in areas with difficult access, like at fences or walls
                • Gentle on the lawn: The blades have optimum cutting pressure and the grass is not squeezed
                • Solid grip and wrist-friendly for comfortable working, suitable for right- and left-handers
                • With VPA-GS-seal for approved safety - Quality tool made in Germany!
                No. 19

                Galvanized Outdoor Ashtray Stand 36" All Metal Construction

                  No. 20

                  Lynx Stay-Put Hanger (6 pack)

                  • INNOVATIVE: Goose-neck design that clips on and stays put
                  • HEAVY DUTY: Made with high quality plastic that can hold heavy weight without losing shape
                  • COMPATIBILITY: Can be used with almost any round or square rod
                  • SIX PACK: Comes with 6 hangers
                  • WARRANTY: Comes with a 1 year warranty